About Us
BRAZA HOME is licensed through the Minnesota Department of Corrections, to provide a community-based group home for youth diagnosed with severe emotional disorders, behavioral disturbances, youth transitioning into the community and delinquent behaviors.
Philosophy Statement

The philosophy of BRAZA HOME is based on the following principles:

  • That every youth has a right to learn and grow in a safe, stable and nurturing environment.
  • That every youth and his/her family have a right to receive services that focus on strengthening the family structure and preservation.
  • That services and supports must be individualized to meet the needs of the youth and their family members.
  • That transition is the key to current and future structure.
  • Intervention plans must be focused on youth’s hopes and dreams. That every youth have valuable lessons/experience to teach and such interaction does not come without risk and without risk change is not possible.
  • That the youth is our central focus rather than programs.
  • That we strive to promote partnership with the community.
  • That everyone’s mental health is important.
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