Our program is designed to be short term in nature. As the program is highly individualized, length of stay is dependent on the needs of the youth and their family. Upon admission, the ream identifies a long-term care provider for the youth and establishes the goals to provide the youth and their families the skills/support needed to make the transition successful. A Court Order is required for admission to BRAZA HOME.

Upon admission, a team meeting is held to develop a 30-60 day plan to transition the youth to the group home. The team includes the youth, parents or caregivers, social worker, probation officer and Minneapolis schools. At this time, visits to family/caregiver home are established in terms of frequency and expectations. Specific goals are developed based on youth and family need. Examples of goal areas are: Problem solving/decision making behavior management, self care/daily living skills, communication, social skills need for therapy, leisure/recreation, medical/health care education, and vocation and money management. The above goals are culturally based/culturally competent.

Our program is community based. The target population of our program includes youth ages 10-21 that are transitioning from an in-state institutional placement, out of state placement, and youth that are at risk for the above. We also provide emergency and respite services to the above population to preserve family placement. Many of the youths are diagnosed with Mental Health Disorders and/or Developmental Disabilities with delinquency or criminal concerns. Most receive special education services, psychological services, psychiatric services, and are of minority race.

Each youth has an individualized program plan created by the team. Since each youth has, a different style of learning, methods of implementation may vary. Behavior management, skill training in natural environment, community-based training and practice…practice…practice, are most often utilized. If therapy or medications are indicated as a part of the treatment plan, the providers are involved in the development of methods of training. We involve the youth in community based training in a variety of manners such as: bus training, part-time employment, involvement in YMCA/Boys and Girls Club etc., opening savings account at a local bank, and learning to be a part of and contribute to a neighborhood and community. We work with families and caregivers to teach them new skills when training youth.

Youth counselors provide daily, direct care services. Youth counselors have a diverse background and demonstrate cultural competencies. Many have worked with at risk youth in school settings and other community settings. Some work with youth in other settings in a full-time capacity and work part-time at BRAZA HOME.

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